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What you need for brewing

Types of gas boilers

The gas boiler is manufactured as:

Both standards are provided with stainless steel pot and powder varnished external jacket and powder varnished legs:  
Standard  60 L
Standard 100 L

Both stainless boilers are as the standards, but completely manufactured in stainless steel:         
Stainless  60 L
Stainless  100 L

Both stainless boilers with turntable have an extra 1 1/2 inch barrel tap and lever hooks for handling in brew tower or brew rack:
Stainless  60 L with turntable
Stainless  100 L with turntable

All boilers are provided with a 6,2 kW burner and ignition fuse, and they are, therefore, allowed to use indoors. All boilers are heated with gas.

Supplied with CE certificate.
We manufacture boilers in different sizes and models.